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Dumpster Rentals NC

Community trash collectors provide weekly relief to inhabitants and owners of residential and commercial establishments alike. Due to the number of individuals and entities they need to serve in North Carolina, they can only take 5 or fewer bags of waste per household or enterprise. So if you are about to undertake a project, you should consider the possible amount of waste that the activity might bring about. Also, you should opt for services such as dumpster rentals in NC instead of relying on your weekly collectors. Renting a dumpster is beneficial in the following projects:

Home Remodeling/Construction

The waste produced from home remodeling or construction tends to be massive. Most public waste collectors will not accommodate such heavy and sizable waste, and they are not duty-bound to do so. In exclusive villages or neighborhoods, homeowners will be penalized if they don’t get their construction waste collected. Whether this applies to your community or not, it is still not advisable to let such waste sit in your front or backyard for a long time. This is for the safety of you, your family, and your neighbors as well.

If you are spearheading the project without a general contractor, you are responsible for planning and ensuring that no waste will be left in your lot. With dumpster rental services, you can pile up the rubbish and have it collected after 7 days or depending on your stipulated number of days.

Disaster Cleanup

Local governments usually allow their constituents to dispose waste from their disaster cleanup in their front lawns. They even deploy garbage collectors with no service charge whatsoever to the residents. However, there tend to be priorities for this service. More often than not, areas that are most severely hit by a disaster will be the ones serviced first. If your area is mildly hit, you might need to wait longer for your waste to be collected. It spells another disaster if you are doing the cleanup with little to no help at all. If the collectors came and you aren’t done yet, opting for a dumpster rental service will become a more realistic and practical remedy.


To beautify is one of the goals of landscaping. However, the process involves a lot of waste — as small as grains of sand to as large as tree trunks. Just like construction waste, garden waste is not accepted by most community trash collectors. Dumpster rental services become useful in this endeavor. You can toss out dead plants, severed woods, pieces of broken tiles, worn out fences, and so on.

Spring Cleaning/General Cleaning

Your annual spring cleaning or general cleaning day can bring out all the unimaginable trash hiding in the corners of your home. If you don’t do some monthly or weekly cleanup for each room, you are likely to accumulate more waste that couldn’t fit into the allowed number of garbage bags by your community trash collectors.

If you hire cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about getting the waste collected. However, in case you don’t want strangers rummaging through your possessions, you can do the cleaning with your family and hire dumpster rental services instead. This tends to be less expensive. You also have more assurance of your privacy. You have less to worry about your waste being searched by criminals as well. Once your service provider collects your rented dumpster, the truck will deliver them directly to the landfill instead of parking them elsewhere.

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Moving In/Moving Out Preparations

It is your real estate agent’s duty to ensure that the house you are moving into is already cleared of all waste from the previous owners. In case you transacted directly with the owner or his representative, some waste may be left behind, especially if it’s a rush sale. Before you move in, you need to prepare the place first. The advantage of doing it yourself is that you have fewer expenses to think about. One of these expenses is for dumpster rental, which will help you dispose of all waste left by the previous owners. You can also make use of the service to collect the waste from your former dwelling place.

Garage Sale

A garage sale is one way to dispose of items such as old appliances, furniture, books, clothes, and kitchenware that you no longer use. If the items you are selling are beyond repair, no one might want to buy them anymore. You are left with no other option but to have them collected as waste.

It will be better if dumpster rental services are sought to collect broken appliances and furniture. These items tend to be bulky and heavy. If you have lots of appliances, furniture sets, and furnishings to toss out, you can choose from larger rentable dumpsters such as the 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard dumpsters.

Event Cleanup

Family events and gatherings are fun but the cleaning up afterward is not. If you are the host, you will have to deal with food waste, among others. Decors could be a source of trash as well. With kids and teens playing around, there will be possible sources of waste, too.

Once you are done with post-event cleanup, you can’t just ask your community trash collector to collect your waste. You might need to wait for days, but if you are in a rush, you can opt for dumpster rental instead. Some service companies charge for emergency or rush waste collection but they usually arrive within the day they are called upon.

When you are looking for dumpster rental services, take into consideration their proximity to your area. Some may charge less in their service fees but consider the fuel costs and other expenses they might charge you. You are going to use their services only on rare occasions. The costs may be too much for one-time use but the convenience they offer outweighs the costs.

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