There are times when major cleanups are needed in your home or office. Most of the time, major cleanups involve removal of large appliances, debris and other rubbish that require assistance to be disposed. Some of the wastes can be disposed in a roll off dumpster. However, there are certain trash and wastes that are not permitted by dumpster rental companies, and can only be disposed through junk removal.

What is the difference between junk removal and dumpster rental? The only difference is the amount of work you are willing to take. Let’s take a look at each service’s pros and cons.

Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster rentals are usually rented from rental service company. Rentals can vary from a few days to a week. There are also dumpsters for regular pickups. Most of the time, general trash and rubbish can be placed inside a dumpster. Containers also come in different sizes. The size of choice depends upon several factors. It depends on the type of trash to be thrown, number of rental days and the type of waste.

Dumpster sizes can vary from four cubic yards to as huge as 40 cubic yards. The small ones are best for homes. Renters fill the dumpsters themselves instead of the dumpster rental company staff. The dumpster stays with the renters until it is time for the company to pick it up. All the company needs to do is just to pick up the dumpster and dispose the contents.

Junk Removal

Junk removal services also take care of home cleanups, estate and yard cleaning, rubbish removal, construction and debris clearing and many more. Unlike the dumpster rental though, junk removal services take care of everything. A renter just needs to contact the company, talk about the project details and pay and everything will be taken cared of by the junk removal company. They will do the lifting, loading and offloading of all trash collected within the project.

If most of the items that you need to throw away are heavy stuff, like furniture and large appliances, a junk removal is recommended. However, one must note that junk removal companies may charge you extra for several bulky wastes that needs to be picked up subsequently after the first. That is why a junk removal service is only good if you only need a few items to throw away.

Have you made up your mind which of these services you need? If you have a project and expect a large amount of accumulated waste, it would be best to choose a dumpster. It is definitely a cost effective option for you. Drop us an email through our website or call us at (770) 741 2331. Kwick Dumpster provides services in the entire Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina areas.