Dumpsters do not only come in different sizes, they also come in different types. One of the reasons why dumpsters come in various designs is the ease of disposal large sized junks and off-loading them. Some of the most common types include roll off dumpsters and front load dumpsters. However, there are also other types that are available in some dumpster rental companies.

Roll Off Dumpsters

Rear Door Roll Off Dumpsters

A rear door roll dumpster opens at the back for easy loading and off-loading. Most of the time, heavy junks are difficult to lift and load over the sides of the dumpster so the next best thing is to push and slide them in through the rear opening. Some dumpster rental companies have trailers to go with their roll off dumpsters to make it easier to transport and move around. Since the dumpster comes in wheels, there is also lesser chances of damaging the driveway or burying the dumpster deep into soft ground when fully loaded.

Open Top Roll Off Dumpsters

Open top roll off dumpsters are simply open top. They may or may not have a door especially the older ones. For those containing doors, they need to have clearance in order for the door to swing open. The clearance increases as the doors increase in size.

Front Load Dumpsters

Restaurants and establishments often rent front load dumpsters, also known as commercial dumpsters. This type of dumpster is more appropriate for regular picking up such as a weekly trash service. They load into the garbage truck easily because they are designed to be carried by a hydraulic front loading arm. Commercial dumpsters are available for rent only. They come in smaller sizes ranging from 2 cubic yards to as big as 10 cubic yards.


Lowboys refer to dumpsters without openings but has lower sides. They are mostly use for sand, gravel, tile, asphalt, concrete, and brick. They load easily on all sides, however, it is typically wider so it takes more space than a roll off dumpster.

Commercial Compactors

Commercial compactors are designed for businesses and commercial establishments, therefore, they often come in 40 cubic yard capacity. Unlike the roll dumpster, compactors are enclosed so trash can be compressed easily. This type of dumpster is only appropriate for paper and general trash that can be easily compacted. Commercial compactors also require electricity in order to power the compaction but there are newer models using solar power so they are more environment friendly.

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